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Taking in a new pet is a big responsibility. Please carefully consider what you are getting into before bringing a new pet into your home. Pets such as African Clawed Frogs and Parakeet have been known to live over 10 years. Insects often only take a few weeks or months before they are ready to be set free.

Also know that when buying pets online, many of them are shipped separately from their kits. When you get a grow-a-frog kit, for example, you will have to send in a coupon for the tadpole and may have to wait for appropriate weather before it is shipped.

I have carefully selected mail-deliverable pets from Amazon.com for this page. My choices were based on customer ratings and my own experience with some of these pets. If you decide to buy a pet from here, you will be taken to Amazon.com for the checkout process and I will receive a small commission :) ... Thanks in advance!

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My experience with some of these pets:


I do not have any experience with grow-a-frog kits. However, I have spoken to people who have and feel like they are an excellent deal for somebody looking to raise 1-3 tadpoles. - Watching them grow and change is a pretty amazing process! However, you will eventually have to buy a bigger home for them. Compared to other pets though, they should be fairly cheap, easy to care for, and long-living.


I purchased some terassic triops from a large-city WalMart about 4 years ago. They get messy - you will need to feed them properly and clean their home carefully. But they are fairly fast-growing and pretty cool to watch grow! My daughter thought it was so cool to have "little monsters" swimming in a bowl on her dresser. ... If I ever get these again, I will buy one of the kits listed on this website. It looks like a much better setup than sacraficing one of my clear bowls.

My thoughts on pets I haven't had: