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A My Blue Crayon Mini-Site
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Notice: I no longer sell frogs from my home. If you are here to buy a pet frog, please check out my Resources section or Pet Store.

African Clawed Frogs Mini-Site

Where to get African Clawed Frogs


If you are serious about getting high quality aquatic frogs and are willing to pay top-dollar, Xenopus.com can't be beat! Their customer service is great. The frogs are well taken care of and shipped with care.


Don't be afriad to post an ad at craigslist.org or check your local pet shops. You may or may not succeed at finding good frogs this way. If possible, do watch out for overbreeding / inbreeding.

Online Petstore

I have included grow-a-frog kits in my online petstore. These are an excellent option for people who just want 1 or a few pet frogs and want to raise them from tadpoles.

Connecting with other frog owners

Yahoo! Groups

There is an excellent Yahoo! Group for African Clawed Frog owners. Very active. Full of people who care about their pet frogs and have a lot of knowledge when you run into frog-owning problems. Yahoo! Group membership is required.